BERG Associates bring broad experience in the fields of risk assessment, physical security, and counter terrorism to the task of evaluating potential risks for financial institutions and businesses.  We know from experience that well-designed security systems and procedures are effective deterrents to a broad range of threats.  A metal detector, for example, prevents people carrying guns from getting on board an airplane regardless of whether the culprit is a terrorist or a suicidal maniac.

Training and preparation also provide a critical resource to helping preserve and protect facilities and personnel.

BERG Associates have directed a variety of security assessments and projects, including:

A comprehensive assessment of the Luis Marin International Airport in Puerto Rico.

An evaluation of the Ecuadorian National Police Intervention and Rescue Group (GIR).

An assessment of the U.S. Government’s intelligence databases on chemical and biological agents.

A preliminary assessment of Mexico City’s International Airport.

Intelligence operations to thwart terrorist attacks in Bolivia and Colombia.

Trained foreign teams in executive protection.




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