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Business Exposure Reduction Group ASSOCIATES, LLC dba BERG Associates has carved out a niche as the leader in investigating financial crimes and equipping businesses with the practices and procedures to prevent fraud and detect money laundering since opening its doors in 1998. BERG principals bring almost a century of experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and military special operations and understand what it takes for businesses and financial institutions to operate safely and successfully in the global market. BERG is qualified by experience and accomplishment to help businesses detect and prevent fraud, fight product counterfeiting, and guard against money laundering. Our services and programs are designed to add value to existing corporate compliance programs. We help companies minimize risks, counter threats, and surmount adversity. We offer cost effective solutions designed to protect key assets while preserving a company’s ability to work in a dynamic environment.

BERG is managed and directed by an accomplished team:

* Mr. John Moynihan, a pioneer in the field of forensic auditing and money laundering investigations, worked for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and was a Forensic Auditor with a major accounting firm.

* Mr. Larry C. Johnson, an expert in security analysis and crisis management, served with the CIA and in the Office of Counter Terrorism at the US Department of State.

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