Robert J. Nieves

Mr. Nieves, a co-founder of BERG Associates, is now retired and serving as a Special Consultant to BERG Associates.

Mr. Nieves was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1947 and earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Business Administration from St. John’s University in 1969. Later that year he was sworn in as a Special Agent with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, later reorganized as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During his 26 years with DEA, Mr. Nieves rose through the ranks to the highest levels of the agency retiring in October 1995 as the Chief of International Operations. As DEA’s principal representative to the Interagency and International Community (U.N., OAS, Interpol), Mr. Nieves was charged with formulating and implementing DEA’s International Counter Drug and Financial Crime Strategies, in addition to managing and supervising the security of DEA’s operations and facilities overseas (at that time, over 70 offices in 50 countries).

At BERG, Mr. Nieves served as a specialist in the detection and prevention of Money Laundering, Trans-National Crime, Security and Counter Drug matters. A significant portion of Mr. Nieves’ time is was dedicated to supporting Civil RICO actions in the Federal Courts. A recognized expert in these fields, Mr. Nieves is regularly called upon to analyze the international organized crime situation by the media. In addition, he lectures on the subject and has participated in academic studies of the problem.

Mr. Nieves has received numerous awards and commendations during his career, from among others, the Colombian National Police, the NYPD, the Policia de Puerto Rico and the Judicial Police in Costa Rica.

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