BERG’s Mission


Why an iceberg? We do not have a partner named BERG. Our expertise is helping businesses identify risks and implementing programs that will reduce their exposure. We believe that an iceberg symbolizes the financial threat confronting businesses. The real danger lurks largely beneath the surface and can be difficult to detect; especially when you are moving fast. The Titanic, for example, was touted as unsinkable but proved no match for an iceberg. Clever marketing is no substitute for careful planning,  disciplined financial management and effective compliance programs.

Organizations with global operations face the equivalent of financial icebergs-such as money laundering or bank fraud. Companies today, for example, are targeted by drug cartels as a convenient, safe venue for turning drug dollars into legitimate cash. Black market dollars can undermine a company’s financial bottom-line as well as its hard earned reputation. BERG Associates LLC exists to help businesses identify these types of threats before potentially fatal damage occurs. We know how to equip our clients to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the global market. Preserving corporate integrity, protecting shareholder equity, and ensuring flexibility to respond to the dynamics of the world economy. This is our mission.



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