Corporate Risk Management

Managing Risk is a dynamic enterprise.  It is both a strategy for doing business and a method for weighing and implementing key business decisions.   BERG Associates offer a variety of programs that are tailored to meet your particular needs.  These include:

A CORPORATE CODE OF CONDUCT PROGRAM—This product includes the Forensic Security Audit and the Vendor/Distributor Quality Assurance Program and the writing a Corporate Code of Conduct (CCC). The CCC provides a documented vision of a company’s corporate ethics and high standards. The CCCP consists of the following elements:

A written code, available in hard copy and posted on the company’s web site. A committee on Ethical Conduct, responsible for monitoring compliance with the code, reviewing reports of violations, recommending disciplinary actions, and recognizing employees who demonstrate excellence. An annual report for the Board of Director’s Audit Committee.

Key Benefits

Establishes company requirements for the prevention and detection of money laundering as well as other types of fraud, waste and abuse. Provides a clear benchmark for evaluating the business practices of managers and employees. Helps limit corporate liability in the event an employee violates the Code of Conduct. QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM FOR VENDORS AND DISTRIBUTORS—Combines due diligence investigations of vendors/distributors with a comprehensive training program that ensures that all individuals responsible for producing, transporting, or distributing your product understand your company’s policies for making sales and accepting payments.

Key Benefits

Clearly establishes the Company’s commitment to combat criminal schemes and standards for business practices. Creates an unambiguous standard of review for evaluating the subsequent conduct of vendors and distributors. Reduces a company’s exposure to financial and legal risk.

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