Larry Doyle

Independent Consultant for Financial Projects

In August 2014, Larry Doyle joined BERG Associates as a Senior Financial Associate.

Larry has extensive experience within the financial industry having worked on and around Wall Street since the early 1980s. While working at large investment banks including First Boston, Bear Stearns, Union Bank of Switzerland, and Bank of America, Larry held senior trading and sales positions. He culminated his sell-side career as the National Sales Manager for Securitized Products at JP Morgan Chase.

In transitioning to the buy-side of Wall Street, Larry was the President of Greenwich Investment Management prior to launching his own investment management practice. Given his varied experiences, Larry has developed a strong background in assessing and managing a wide array of market-based , operational, compliance, and regulatory risks and opportunities.

Additionally, Larry has had meaningful engagement with a wide array of print, radio, and television media discussing economic, market, and regulatory issues. He has written significantly on issues leading into and coming out of the crisis of 2008. His widely acclaimed book, In Bed with Wall Street, is an investigative expose that addresses a host of topics encompassing waste, fraud, and abuse at the intersection of Wall Street and Washington. A former Assistant Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission classified Larry as “an expert guide down the deep dark canyons of our financial crisis” and his book as “required reading in any honest attempt to understand how our financial system failed.”

Larry graduated Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from the College of the Holy Cross.

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