Due Diligence

Ensure you know your prospective business partner or client before you close a deal.  BERG Associates review public documents, query databases, conduct interviews, and verify bona fides.  Due diligence requires a behind the scenes look at details that can make a critical difference in a company’s business success.  We help you ensure that your customers or prospective partners have the resources and integrity you require for a sound business relationship.  Consider the following:

BERG Associates discovered that 60 distributors for a major U.S. corporation operating in Latin America did not exist.  Instead of 60, a single individual had set up multiple bank accounts.  The individual also had outstanding arrest warrants in two different countries. BERG Associates investigated a prospective US partner for a Panamanian bank and learned that the CEO had been fired from every job or bankrupted every company he headed during a 25 year career.

Key Benefits

Eliminate surprises. Reduce corporate exposure to litigation or fraud.

Give corporate officers and managers critical information for conducting business affairs safely and efficiently.




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